The Terms and Conditions below will be applied fully and affect your use of our services. This is our contract. By confirming our appointment, you agree to accept all terms and conditions below. You must not use our services if you disagree with any of these Terms and Conditions.

Setting Appointments.

Appointments are booked on a first-confirmed basis. We (PIERRE GALANT PHOTOGRAPHY) generally book out 5 to 7 days in advance. To ensure you (the CLIENT) are able to schedule your session on the day of your choosing, please plan on notifying us at least a week prior to the requested date.


All properties should be photo-ready prior to our arrival.  Pierre Galant Photography does not provide any staging, decorating or styling services. Pierre Galant Photography does not move furniture or personal items. It is the Client's responsibility to ensure that your clients have the home ready for a photoshoot. If the owners are disorganized, or if the home is tenant-occupied, Pierre Galant Photography strongly recommends that the client hire a professional home cleaner and/or a stager. Pierre Galant Photography can recommend excellent stagers if needed. 

All home repairs should be completed. If we have to work around workers, this will result in fewer images being produced and/or a higher final price if the session goes longer than the allotted time for the session.

Do plan to arrive early so you can ensure the home is exactly how you want it before our arrival. Pierre Galant Photography is not responsible for factors related to the physical appearance of the property.  Factors related to the physical appearance of the property include dirty windows, unmade beds, dirty dishes, soap bottles, rags and sponges, toys, clutter, trash, obstructed windows, dirty floors, dust, wilted flowers and plants, dead grass, etc...

Property access.

The Client authorizes Pierre Galant Photography to come onto the Property and take photographs. The Client has the authority to allow us entry and permit us to take photographs. The Clients promises to indemnify, defend, and pay the expenses of Pierre Galant Photography's defense, if a claim is made against the Pierre Galant Photography arising out of the services we perform for the Client. The Client agrees to be present to facilitate access to rental properties, and represents that proper notice has been given to tenants. Pierre Galant Photography is an independent contractor and not the Client's employee. The Client is not Pierre Galant Photography's agent and cannot make agreements for us.

Furniture and personal items.

Pierre Galant Photography's policy is that we do not move furniture or personal items. Clutter and extra furniture should be put into storage. Horizontal surfaces should all be free of clutter, leaving only those items that are intended to be part of the final images. Remember to remove personal hygiene products, used towels, and toothbrushes from bathrooms. The Client understands and agrees to inform the property owners that Pierre Galant Photography is not liable for any damage to property or persons caused as a result of our workers actions or equipment in and around the home.

Photoshop policy. 

Pierre Galant Photography uses photoshop as a normal part of image processing, but ethics considerations are limiting our ability to alter material facts about the home. Whatever a buyer will see in person in how the photos will be delivered. Upon request, we can alter objects that are not a material fact of the home. This includes for sale signs, debris, watering hoses etc... A-la-carte photoshop enhancing, such as adding artwork on a wall or greening grass is available for $65 per 30 min of retouching.

Creative Control.

Pierre Galant Photography will make best efforts to make specific photographs verbally requested by the Client during the photo session. In the Client's absence, the Client is responsible for providing the Pierre Galant Photography with a written shot list 24h before the scheduled session. However, unforeseen circumstances may sometimes preclude the taking of certain photographs. The Client acknowledges and agrees that the Client will not hold Pierre Galant Photography liable for missed photographs. Pierre Galant Photography welcomes suggestions, but the Client understands and agrees that Pierre Galant Photography retains 100% of the creative control. Pierre Galant Photography retains the sole right to select and release only those photographs that meet Pierre Galant Photography's artistic and technical standards.

Additional fees.

All packages include up to one hour on site per 1,000 SF.  If the session is lengthened because we have to wait for homeowners to sort rooms out as we go, an additional fee of $65 per 30 min will be assessed to account for the extra time on site.

A truly sub-standard home condition may result in a cancellation of the photoshoot altogether and be billed at $100 + 50% of the cost of the session.

Returns to the property are billed $195, unless we're correcting a mistake or if we're returning due to weather.

Twilight time slots are prime shooting time. They are an upgrade of $195 in addition to the standard shoot fee. This fee is charged to any session happening within one hour prior to sunset.

Travel within the "TMZ" is included in our prices. $1.6 per round trip mile is added outside of the TMZ.

All fees are subject to change without notice.

Cancellation/Reschedule policy.

Pierre Galant Photography asks for 24 business hours notice to cancel or re-schedule photoshoots. Within the 24 h window, a cancelation fee of $100 will be assessed. If we arrive to the property to find the shoot is cancelled or are denied access to the property, 50% of the quoted shoot amount will be assessed, in addition to the $100 cancellation fee.

Bad Weather.

Overcast and rainy days are excellent for shooting interiors as long as views are not critical. If views are important and for exterior images, Pierre Galant Photography may have to re-schedule until the weather improves. No re-scheduling fees will be assessed for inclement weather. 

Unforeseen Events/Loss.

In the event photographs or electronic media are lost, stolen, or destroyed for reasons within or beyond Pierre Galant Photography's control, Pierre Galant Photography's liability is limited to the return of all money paid to date for a total loss or a partial refund for a partial loss.

Turn around time. 

Pierre Galant Photography's standard delivery time is 24 business hours after the end of the shoot for homes under 2,000 sq. ft, and 48 business hours for homes over 2,000 sq. ft., but quality is improved when we spend more time on the processing. Rush delivery is available for $100, provided we have the material time available.

Any additional services requested after delivery of the photographs will incur an additional fee. The client agrees to notify Pierre Galant Photography in writing within five (5) business days of receipt of the photographs if the Client believes the images are not acceptable, in which case Pierre Galant Photography's sole obligation will be to replace the photographs. In no event will Pierre Galant Photography be liable for incidental or consequential damages of any kind.


Payment is due after the session completion and prior to our post-processing of the photos. Post-processing will not start before we receive payment in full for the session. The fee covers production costs, post processing costs and limited, non exclusive, non transferable, licensing for the life of the listing only, up to 12 consecutive months. All payments are due within the calendar month of the shoot. Outstanding balances incur a late fee of $100 on the first of every month thereafter.

Licensing Terms.

All photographs produced by Pierre Galant Photography are owned by Pierre Galant Photography and are protected by the United States Copyright Act. Upon complete payment of all fees due by the Client, Pierre Galant Photography will grant the Client a limited, non exclusive, non transferable license as follows: a) the photographs may be printed by the Client for use in flyers, brochures and documents for the sale of the property. b) the photographs may be displayed on websites such as the Multiple Listing Service and affiliates. c) the photographs may be posted to social network platforms by the Client. d) the photographs maybe displayed electronically on devices owned by the Client. Otherwise, the Client must obtain written permission from and offer just compensation to Pierre Galant Photography for any other uses of the photographs, including selling the photographs to any party or uploading the photographs to any website where the photographs may be purchased as high-resolution files.  The license is for the life of the listing, up to 12 consecutive moths only. New listings (i.e. a listing with a new MLS number) using any of the photographs must renew the licensing by purchasing a new license. The Client may not provide photographs for use by their corporate offices, hired vendors, stagers, designers, architects, blogs, magazines, or other electronic or printed publications or any parties whatsoever without the permission of Pierre Galant Photography. Providing photographs to any other parties is at the sole discretion of Pierre Galant Photography. The Client will cooperate with Pierre Galant Photography if unauthorized individuals or businesses use the photographs. As a partial compensation for the services rendered, the Client grants Pierre Galant Photography and to its legal representatives the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use and publish photographs of the property for editorial, trade, advertising, photographic competition, and for any other purpose in any manner or medium without restriction and without prior permission of the Client.  The Client, acting as an agent, also assigns the unrestricted right to use and publish photographs of the property and furnishings for editorial, trade, advertising, photographic competition, and for any other purpose in any manner or medium without restriction and without prior permission of the Client or property owners.

Confidentiality Agreements.

If the Client pays for a Confidentiality Agreement, then this clause is in effect. Pierre Galant Photography will hold the photographs in the strictest confidence, and will not share or display the photographs without written permission from the Client. Additionally, Pierre Galant Photography will also hold the identity, activities, and affairs of the Client and homeowners in the strictest confidence. However, Pierre Galant Photography reserves the right to display photographs that are publicly shared by the Client.